Monday, May 19, 2008


To know me, you have to know that I am involved in a search to better know myself and to better know God. God as I understand Him, not a religious God by any means. In fact, organized religion really turns me off. I feel sorry about that, but I have tried with churches and they are just not for me. I love being open minded about spirituality and in my search I have found that I love many of the things the Buddha taught as well as the teachings of Jesus and that I think the Buddha had it right about a lot of things. In fact, he taught many of the very same things that Jesus did. That lets me know that it is absolute truth!

There will be much more on this topic later, but for today that is all I have time for. Jewelry making and blogging and marketing and taking care of six dogs and myself is quite a task. Never did I realize I would have so much to keep up with.

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