Sunday, October 11, 2009

So, unbelievably I somehow managed not to blog when we were raising a newborn kitten! I'm not sure why I didn't get online and talk about how great it was taking care of this little baby, but, well, i didn't. So now, let me try to recall for you some of the highlights and the terrific story of his new mom and dad!

My husband called and told me he needed to bring home these 2 little newborn kittens that had been abandoned and were dying, covered in fire ants. Of course, I couldn't say no, so home they came. Unfortunately the smaller one didn't make it. Partly our fault as we didn't realize how important keeping them very warm was, but he was also badly bit up by the fire ants.

The other little boy ate well and started to thrive immediately. He became just the love of my life. I would have to go in and feed him every 2 hours in the beginning and because I had him all day, my husband took the night feedings. Feeding a little baby kitten is much like feeding a newborn. They can sometimes fuss and not want to eat well, they fall asleep while they are eating. All the same things you experience with a newborn human. It becomes a very intimate time and I got so that I really looked forward to it. He was so soft and I just loved to hold him close to my face and chest and kiss on him. As he got older and started moving around a bit he would reach up with his paw and touch my face. He also started putting his face up toward my lips to feel what I felt like. He just became so special to us both.

It was a bit nervewracking in the beginning, being afraid of killing him. There is really alot to know about raising baby kittens. You have to help them use the bathroom and so since they don't go on their own you have to figure out when they need to go. It's a little upsetting to suddenly realize no one has tried to pee or poop him for a while and maybe he needs to go really bad!! It's disconcerting somehow to have a baby's pee and poop comfort in your hands. But, we learned how to do it well and eventually it became second nature. And, since he made it I guess we did ok by him.

The really odd thing is that my husband and I both thought of the same couple when we first brought this little guy home as the perfect parents for him even though we had no idea whether they wanted a kitten or not. As it turned out, they did want him having lost a cat a number of months back and feeling like they were ready for the big leap! And so, he went to his new mommy when he was just 4 weeks old, so that she could finish up raising him. She did a great job and sent me updates and pictures. He has a great house to live in and he lives on 5 acres of property with trees and birds and outside decks to lie on. Everything a cat could want. He also has an older brother who has accepted him very well. And his new mommy and daddy are really taken with him too. In all the pics he looks like he has a great life! He now proudly bears the name Boromir from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I look forward to going to visit him soon. He has grown so much and I wonder if he will remember his first mommy and daddy. I guess we will find out when we go to visit. Something to look forward to.

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