Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Are You Like Me?

I remember reading in a forum a while back that a lot of etsy women had chronic pain and chronic diseases like RA, (which I have) lupus, fibromyalgia (which I also have) MS etc. So I was wondering if there are others like me who deal with this chronic pain on a daily basis and what you do about it? What remedies have you found? Where do you live? What remedies are available to you outside of the U.S. that aren't available here? Do you take pain meds and if so, which ones? Anything you want to share about your illness and your treatment, alternative treatments, and how you deal with your life with your illness would be appreciated. I think it's good to reach out to others and only those who have been where I am or who are there now can really understand what it is like and can really share ideas that work. We know they work because we use them when they do!! So thanks for whatever input you feel like you want to share. I look forward to your comments. And in the meantime, I will be thinking of a tip to share. And I'll also share a little more of my story by answering some of those questions. Thanks!

1 comment:

Giftbearer said...

Yes, I have Sarcoidosis. I have to really vary my activities not to get into too much pain and I have to make use of the times I have energy to make up for when I don't have enough to work.

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