Friday, September 12, 2008

My Favorite Journal For Kids

I want to share this great find with you! Perhaps some of you are aware of "Nightmare Snatchers" a great little journal for children, offered by The Spiderbite Boutique, found on etsy. If not, you simply have to check them out! I found the journals while posting in the forums, and since I have a niece that is facing cancer at just 10 years old, I thought this would be a perfect gift for her. She can write and draw about any fears or worries she has and trust them to the "Nightmare Snatcher". What a marvelous idea! As a proponent of journaling for all women, I find it a very powerful tool, I think it is a great idea to get girls to start at a young age. And especially someone who is going through something as tough as facing childhood cancer! I ordered mine for my niece and received it in the mail a few days ago. I can't wait to give it to her as it is sooo adorable. Her favorite color is pink, so I ordered a pink one. I was completely impressed with the quality and care that was taken in making it. It looks better even than the pictures and I found Sarah Jane, who operates The Spiderbite Boutique, to be a lovely seller with the buyer's best interest at heart. So, have a look at her shop and at the "Nightmare Snatcher". I'm sure you'll be bitten by the bug too!

1 comment:

TheresaJ said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! I'll keep you niece in my thoughts and prayers.

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