Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aqua Blue

I love this new necklace I just listed. I hope someone else will love it too and want to make it their own. I really think it is gorgeous. I am a terrible model for pictures so I don't do it, but it does look really great on. I tried it on with a black sweater and wow! I also held it up to a denim colored dress I have and that also looked outstanding! There are so many things it could be worn with and I think it really makes an outfit. I guess I should make some earrings to go with it. If you sell jewelry, do you find that sets sell better than single necklaces? And if you buy jewelry, which would you rather buy?
One of the really cool things about this necklace is the czech glass black rectangle beads. They have these silvery/blue circles/dots in them and they pick up light and flash different colors. Really great little beads I think. A friend of mine actually found these beads as he was looking around on etsy for some beads he thought his wife might like in a necklace. Isn't that a nice thing for a man to do?? :-) This necklace isn't for her, but I will be making a much daintier one for her with a sterling silver chain and those beads. I haven't worked the whole piece out yet, but that much I do know about it so far.
Getting more jewelry ready for Christmas is something I need to get to. I have been so out of it with being down from the RA that I haven't been making jewelry like I would like to. But, here's another piece finished and hopefully someone will find it just perfect for them or maybe as a gift for someone else.


piggy said...

Great color! Love the necklace.. very versatile :D

Walk in the Woods said...

So pretty - - - I love the blending of blues and greens that Nature does so well ... and you too!

em - rubyblue gift shop said...

Beautiful! I love those colors :o)

Huckleberry Arts said...


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