Friday, August 22, 2008

Dogs and Jewelry and Such

Samson and Benson both came from the pound!

I am considering doing something new with my little jewelry shop. I love making jewelry and seeing people get it and then be so happy with it. It really thrills me! The other great passion in my life is my dogs, and helping dogs and animals in general. I know there are some etsy teams that support animals, but I am not much of a team joiner, so I am thinking I may just decide to take 10% of any purchase and donate it to the local animal shelter. I almost had to drop two dogs off there last week, when I found them running down a major highway in our area. One of these guys was a big ol' dog, probably 85 lbs or so and the other was a little tiny Pomeranian! And there they were, quite a pair, running down the highway where cars are doing 55-60! It scared me. Unfortunately, I found at later, the door at their house had been malfunctioning and they got out of the house without their tags on. I was fortunate that after a couple of hours with the two little sweeties, trying to find their mommy and daddy I went on over to the shelter (almost in tears) and when I got there the 2 young girls working there said that their dad had just been in and just left! So he came right back and took his babies home! I was so glad they didn't have to spend a night in the shelter. But, the shelter was there for me if I had needed it. I couldn't have brought them here because I have 6 of my own. And really the best place for them to be if they were going to be found was at the shelter. That's at least one place you can check and hope and pray that somehow they have wound up there if you have a dog go missing. So, I know they need help and even if it's not a lot of money, if I just send them some money quarterly that will make it a little bigger chunk that they can buy some dog food or kitty litter or whatever it is that they need with. What do you think? Is this just a no brainer- if I can do it I should- or, will some people see it as a ploy if I put it in my shop announcement that I am going to donate 10% of each purchase? I don't know, big corporations help out the community all the time. It is expected of them. I kind of think it should be expected of me too!

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Debbie Gootter said...

Poor pups- I am a dog lover too- I have 4!

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