Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Happy Customer

I had my very first ecrater sale last week!! I have my jewelry there as well as on etsy and while I am not as fond of ecrater for selling I did sell two of my bookmarks there! The woman who bought them asked me if I could combine shipping for her because unlike on etsy, there is no way to charge less for shipping on the 2nd item automatically. Just one of the many little things that ecrater does not offer that etsy does. Well, I tried to take care of it for her and apparently in doing so, I wiped out the transaction on my ecrater site and so it looks like I still haven't sold anything. I also negated her option to leave feedback because the only way she could leave feedback was to pay the first notice she got from ecrater. That notice had the incorrect amount on it. At least that is where it stands right now. If she gets another opportunity for feedback she has told me she will certainly take it, but I thought I would share with those who care to read my blog, what she wrote to me after she received her purchase: (she gave me permission to do so)

Jennifer, I received my bookmarks today, I can't tell you how beautiful they are in "person"....they are very pretty on your website, but the picture doesn't do them justice!! Thank you so very much for including one for me.....I don't buy things for myself very often, and when I do it's generally out of getting one of these beautiful markers was such a surprise, and such a heartfelt gift. It brought tears to my eyes...they are beautiful. My daughter in laws are going to love these at Christmas time! Mine is already marking Corrinthians.....I was looking for a verse to put on my "future" daughter in laws hanky I am making her to carry when her and my son marry in 2 weeks.....!! Thank you again... Melana

It really made my day to receive such a lovely email. As I said in the post I did re: "Why I Make Jewelry" (and bookmarks) I love to know that people are actually happy when they receive that package or put on that piece of jewelry. It is such a kick for me! And this it seems is one happy customer! Yippee!!

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