Thursday, August 28, 2008


Many of you may have already read my post (Say a Little Prayer 8/2) about my husband's niece who has cancer. She is a beautiful 10 year old girl and she was recently diagnosed with a Wilms tumor. She has been operated on at this point and is now going through chemo. Her family is working on a fundraiser to help Cassidee and her mom and so a webpage has been set up where I guess eventually people will be able to make donations. Her mother is a single parent with very limited resources so she certainly needs the help. I just went to Cassidee's webpage and she has started a blog! I think that is an awesome idea! Cassidee can write about what is going on with her and not only can her friends and family keep up with her that way, but maybe too, she will reach other children with similar difficulties. So I am going to add the link here so that if you know of anyone who might want to check out Cassidee's blog, please feel free to tell them about it.

I have decided to hold off on my idea of donations to the local animal shelter and will be donating 50% of all purchases made at my jewelry shop to Cassidee's foundation. I thought about donating the entire purchase price, but honestly I need some of the funds to be able to continue to purchase new beads and supplies in order to keep making jewelry. If I don't keep making new things there will be nothing for anyone to purchase to help her out. So, for now 50% and if I find I can do more, I will.

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La Alicia said...

That's awesome! Will be sending healthy thoughts to Cassidee!

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